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D-Link (NFP-0WHI11) Single Faceplate, Square, White

Product Features

Faceplate Type: The faceplate is designed to hold a single networking connector or outlet. It’s commonly used for Ethernet ports, telephone jacks, coaxial connectors, and other network-related connections.

Shape and Size: The faceplate has a square shape, which is a common design for networking faceplates. Its dimensions are likely standardized to fit standard electrical and network outlet boxes.

Color: The faceplate is white, offering a neutral and clean appearance that can easily blend with different room aesthetics.

Mounting: The faceplate is typically mounted on a wall or surface using screws or other mounting hardware. It provides a secure and stable platform for connecting network cables.

Durability: Made from durable materials, the faceplate is designed to withstand normal wear and tear and provide long-lasting use.

Professional Appearance: The faceplate helps organize and conceal networking connections, resulting in a tidy and professional appearance for network installations.

Applications: Suitable for home, office, and commercial networking setups where clean and organized network connections are essential.

Compatibility: The faceplate is designed to be compatible with standard networking connectors and outlets, ensuring proper fit and functionality.

Warranty: Depending on the manufacturer or brand, the faceplate may come with a warranty period, providing assurance of the product’s quality.

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