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D-Link 1000BASE-LX Single-mode Fiber SFP Transceiver

The D-Link 1000BASE-LX Single-mode Fiber SFP Transceiver is a high-performance module designed to transmit and receive data over single-mode fiber optic cables.  The transceiver enables long-distance, high-speed data transmission between network devices like switches, routers, and servers. It is ideal for connecting devices in different buildings, data centers, or other locations where copper cabling is impractical due to distance limitations or interference concerns.

D-Link 1000BASE transceiver features:

  • High-performance: Supports Gigabit Ethernet speeds, making it suitable for bandwidth-intensive applications like video conferencing and data transfer.
  • Long-distance reach: Enables connections over extended distances compared to copper cables, ideal for large buildings, campuses, or data centers.
  • Reliable data transmission: Single-mode fiber offers better signal quality and immunity to electromagnetic interference compared to copper cables.
  • Easy to use: Hot-pluggable design allows for flexible installation and maintenance.

D-Link 1000BASE transceiver Specifications

  • Standards: 1000BASE-LX (IEEE 802.3z)
  • Data Rate: 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps)
  • Fiber Type: Single-mode
  • Wavelength: 1310 nm
  • Distance: Up to 10 kilometers (km) or 6.2 miles.
  • Connector: Duplex LC connector
  • Hot-pluggable: Allows for easy installation and removal without powering down the device.

D-Link 1000BASE-LX Single-mode Fiber SFP Transceiver is suitable for Connecting buildings, departments, or data centers within an organization, connecting service provider networks to deliver high-speed internet access to businesses and residences and long-distance connections to connect remote locations or equipment spread over large distances.

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