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50 watt LED Solar floodlight (100 LED’s)


Solar Panel specification

  • 16 watts
  • 6 volts

Battery specification

LiFeP04 32650

  • 38.4W/H
  • 12Ah/3.2v
  • 2 batteries
  • 1S2P

Why Should You Invest in 50 Watts LED Flood Light?

The use of LED technology in 50 watts LED flood light makes floodlights more reliable, maintenance-friendly, long-lasting, and efficient.

50 watts LED flood light is revolutionizing the business and application of large lights. The LEDs in floodlights increase the credibility of the product where lights are used in larger vicinities. LED floodlights are available in several varieties and sizes. It all depends upon the power and intensity of the light. LED flood light ranges from 15 watts to 480 watts in power.

Furthermore, the LED floodlights are available in different lumens options. The variety of lumens offers a varied level of brightness as per requirement. However, the most important question is why 50 watts LED floodlight is more beneficial than others.

The benefits of a 50-watt LED are wide and many. 50-watt LED operates from sports arenas to several commercial locations. Scoreboards, commercial billboards, and other outdoor household décor use 50 watts floodlights. Therefore, 50 watts of floodlight makes the boards more illuminating and bright.

Past vs Present:

So, why have 50-watt LED floodlights become so popularized amongst users and businesses today? LED floodlights acquire immense popularity in the past years. Earlier, the small LED light is used in low bright uses as in globes and LED strip lights.

The less bright LED lights are not efficient for large outdoor settings. Similarly, the high-power LED light uses high brightness which is not cost-effective and economical. However, the 50 watts floodlight is more efficient, economic, and reliable. There are several reasons why you should consider 50 watts LEDs in floodlights.

LED Light Chips:

The 50 watts LED floodlight uses LED chips. Instead of using a large filament LED flood light uses LED chips. These chips use less power and emit more or equal brightness. The more recent form of LED chips in LED floodlights is SMD chips. SMD chips are more reliable, long-lasting, and efficient than usual floodlights.

The 50 watts floodlights use SMD chips which is a cluster of multiple LED chips. The cluster of LED chips as SMD chips means that the floodlight can operate at a much lower temperature. The low temperature running of a 50 watts flood light using SMD increases its efficiency. It also avoids the LED floodlight to burn out by running constantly for days.

The right amount of Wattage:

When it comes to the LED light. Brightness and wattage matter a lot. The most important step in installing LED floodlights is choosing the right number of lumens that it offers. 50 watts LED flood light uses an appropriate amount of wattage that covers the brightness as well as the maximum coverage area. As you know that there are several LED flood lights available in the market.

Each LED flood light differs from the rest in terms of brightness and efficient running. However, the case with a LED floodlight is different from that of choosing traditional LED lights. In LED flood light lumens are more important than the level of brightness. In 50 watts floodlight, you have maximum lumens at an appropriate wattage. For moderate commercial and household use, 50 watts LED is an ideal product. Below is the work guide to LED floodlights.

The work-off guide to varieties of LED floodlights is below:

A 10W LED Flood Light covers 10 x 10 meters of the area.

A 30W LED Flood Light covers 20 x 20 meters of the area.

A 50W LED Flood Light covers 30 x 30 meters of the area.

A 100W LED Flood Light covers 50 x 50 meters of the area.

A 200W LED Flood Light covers 100 x 100 meters of the area.

For moderate commercial and household use, 50 watts LED floodlight is the best choice.

Beam Angle:

Beam angle in LED floodlights is the most important point to consider. As the brightness and coverage area for the floodlight is all the user want. Therefore, the beam angle must be the priority whilst choosing the right LED floodlight. In this regard, 50 watts LED flood light offers you a wider angle. It covers as much as the area under 180 degrees to its attachment.

A lot of customers point out the fact that the brightness and covered area of the LED floodlight are way more than expected. They mention that 50 watts of floodlight light up the neighborhood yard which is not right. This depicts the number of lumens and brightness it emits. Installing 50 watts floodlight at the central position in a building or billboard is the ideal spot. Furthermore, the higher you install 50 watts floodlight the greater the beam angle will be.

Color Temperature:

The most striking and likable feature of the LED light is the availability of color variation. This variation in the color temperature allows changing the application of usage as a requirement. This function is common in low watts of LED lights. However, 50 watts of LED flood light also offers a wide range of color temperatures.

Three color temperature ranges come in 50 watts of floodlight. If you are looking for a brighter and clear application, 6000-kelvins are the right choice in 50 watts floodlight. The 6000-kelvins is appropriate in the vicinities of largely populated areas. This covers car parking, sports arenas, and large commercial billboards.

Similarly, if you are looking for a slightly warmer application, 4500K is the right choice. 4500n kelvins makes the most moderate choice when it comes to 50 watts. It suits almost all kinds of settings and applications. Furthermore, for changing the environment into a moodier ambiance, 3000-K is the right choice. It is warm and turns the relaxation mode on.

Sensor-based LED flood light:

For businesses, households, large parking, and other commercial use, power consumption is the utmost issue. A user always worries about the amount of electricity a light consumes. This, thus, becomes a more concerning issue when they use large floodlights. Therefore, 50 watts LED flood light comes with an option of the sensor.

It is a great addition to the ordinary LED floodlight. Furthermore, it also comes with an option to change the sensitivity and auto-stay on the feature. This will set up the time and range as to when the floodlight you want to turn on or off. 50 watts LED floodlight also comes up with a dawn to dusk sensor. This permits the LED floodlight to stay on during dark and it turns off when it’s bright.

Final Thought about 50 watts LED flood light:

Whatever the application and brand it may be, 50 watts LED floodlight is an obvious choice. It replaces all the old and less efficient lighting products. With all these features that LED 50-watts floodlight offers, you can now feel much more confident.

The guide puts you in a place to openly make the right choice when choosing LED floodlights. For businesses, parking lots, backyards and warehouses, and other large events, a 50 watts floodlight is the best choice.

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