60 Watts solar security LED flood light 60w outdoor solar light

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60 Watts solar security LED flood light 60w outdoor solar light

Our 60 watts LED solar Flood light can be installed in just about any location with no need for access to traditional power.
The 60 watts LED solar Flood light is your perfect solar lighting solution.

-High-quality solar cell and aluminum – Aluminium alloy body prevents basking in the rain
-Solar battery charging
-High-efficiency solar cell
-Easy installation and adjustable. Easily install the 60 watts LED solar Flood light and solar panel anywhere in minutes
-Direct mount onto a wall or another surface
-Solar Panel and 60 watts LED solar Flood light are mounted separately to get the correct angle
-Adjust the angle as needed to position the light
-Automatically light at dusk, charging 8 hours sustains 10 hours lighting at least
-Suitable application places: Garden, Park, Road, building site, hotel, hall parking, etc.

  • Easy to install, placed anywhere that needs light
    -The 60 watts LED solar Flood light activates from dusk to dawn. The solar LED light automatically turns on after dusk and turns off after dawn.

– Size of Lamp: 265MM 220MM 70MM
– Size of Solar Panel: 340MM 350MM 17MM
– Types of Activity: Light Operated and Remote Control
– Material: Antioxidant Die Cast Aluminium and Tempered Glass
– Irradiation Area: 110 Square Meters (As 160W Incandescent Lamp does)
– Solar Panel: 6V/20W Poly Cell
– Battery: 18000MAH Lithium iron Phosphate Battery
– Accessories: 5M Waterproof Wire/Remote/Expansion Screws
– Types of Brightness: Fully Bright/Half Bright
– Lighting Time: 10 Hours
– Lighting Time on Rainy Day: 1-2 Days
– Type and Quantity of Lamp Bead: 5630/99 Beads
– Lumen: 900LM

Package Includes:
1x Solar panel with bracket
1x Floodlight
1x remote (For adjusting power, brightness, and switching “on” and “off”)
1x user manual

LED Flood Light Advantages

When people have decided that they need a flood light for their home area or even business property illumination, the next thing to consider is what type of flood lamp is best for their needs. In past years the obvious choice has become one – LED. And the reasons for that are quite many. LED flood lights have changed the light bulb industry noticeably by improving ways how and which lighting is used in our own houses. Here are listed 10 advantages that LED flood lights have over their older predecessors incandescent, halogen, and CFL lights, and 3 disadvantages for LED flood lights.

  1. Long-lifetime bulbs have a significantly longer lifetime than other types of lamps. The average lifetime of LED bulbs and diodes is 50000 hours and can reach up to 100000 hours. That can be more than 10 years of non-stop working. If you use LED lights as your house lights and they are not continuously on, the lifetime of one bulb can reach even 20 years. Compared to for example incandescent or fluorescent bulbs who each how average below 10000 (and incandescent above 1000) hours of lifetime, LED flood lights last about 10 times longer than others and that is a huge improvement and advantage of LED lights. LED lights don’t just burn out and stop working like other lights, they emit lower power and become less bright and efficient.
  2. BrightnessLED lights can produce more light using less energy which means that they are brighter than other lights, for example, one LED flood light can produce the same light as two or three halogen flood lights and be as bright. White light produced by LED flood light is pretty much similar to daylight and that can be used in stadiums in dark to make all areas brighter and provide visibility like daylight.
  3. Less energy usage, and smaller electric bills one of the main advantages of LED flood light is high luminous efficiency which means how well the light source produces visible light compared to power usage. About 80% of LED lamps’ energy is produced by light and only 20% by other energy like heat. In other light bulbs, more percent is lost in heat which means more energy to produce the same brightness as LEDs. So, for example, if you need a light source to output 800 lumens, LED light would need about 7 Watts, CFL 14 Watts, and incandescent bulb 60 Watts. You can save a lot if you use LED as your home lights and not incandescent bulbs. This advantage of LED flood lights over other lights can be seen not only as numbers on paper but also as more savings on electricity costs and lower numbers on your electric bill.
  4. Durability and QualityLED flood lights are usually built with good quality and high durability. They come with different safe and protective covers, for example, aluminum (you can read more about specific details of each lamp on manufacturers’ websites) and many lights are waterproof. This is great for different outdoor usage, as you can rely on your LED floodlight to suffer some more complex weather conditions like storms, rain, snow, hail, and others. Unlike CFL and incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are more difficult to damage with external shock, impacts, and vibrations because they are made of solid material which is not so fragile and can stand more rough conditions.
  5. Less heat more safetyLED lights produce much less heat than other light bulbs which means that the risk of electric or fire accidents is significantly reduced. Also, they are not as fragile as other bulbs and can’t be so easily breakable. LED floodlights are considered to be one of the safest lighting options. The majority of lamps and devices using LEDs are “safe under all conditions of normal use” and are classified as “Class 1 LED products”. Of course, high-power and very light LEDs must be used with attention and care to ensure safety.
  6. No toxic substances – Environment-friendly lights do not contain toxic chemicals like mercury or other hazardous substances compared to fluorescent lamps that contain mercury, which is very toxic to human health and also bad for the environment. LED lamps also are recyclable and over 95% of LED bulbs can be recycled. Another environmentally friendly plus is that LED’s have a much longer lifetime and 1 LED can work as long as 3 incandescent lights, which saves much more production material again you help the environment by not buying a new light each 3 or so months.
  7. Resistant to low and fairly high temperatures led flood lights can still work in low temperatures well below 0 degrees Celsius. Unlike other lights, LED’s remains stable and can function well in colder conditions. This is good for any outdoor usage also in winter. One option would be if you live in an area where winter and snow are regular each year, to use LED flood lights outside your house or in the backyard rather than other lighting source flood lights to guarantee that they would not fail or become unstable in colder months of the year. Also, they would be a good option for larger and colder warehouses. Generally, if you need a good outdoor flood light that works all year round and lives in colder areas, you should definitely go for an LED flood light.
  8. Low costs on maintenance and replacements considering other points mentioned in this article – long lifetime, durability and quality, the efficiency of LED lights, it is much cheaper (fewer costs and man hours of work) to maintain or replace them. It simply does not take so much attention whether you need to check if the light is still working or replace it after a few months of work time. A long lifetime means that you probably would not have to worry about replacing bulb for some years, durability and quality mean that LED bulbs are tough and durable and will last longer in more extreme weather or other conditions, and are harder to break, efficiently help to achieve long life and save you more additional costs on replacements.
  9. Low VoltageLow Voltage helps to use LED lights as an outdoor lighting source. Combined together with a solar panel they make a very good option for any outdoor light that also can save money on electricity. Adding a motion detector to this combination makes it a better choice for areas where it is not possible to access electrical power or to use LED solar motion detector flood lights as a more economical lighting source.
  10. Direct light and no warming up period – instant light led floodlights produces direct light which means that light is focused on one specific area rather than spilling it in other directions. This way more light gets to your desired area and much less light is wasted aside and makes LED lighting more efficient than another lighting, for example, a halogen bulb, which does not provide such a direct light.
    Also LED lights to turn on immediately in nanoseconds and achieve maximum brightness very quickly and they can be switched on and off repeatedly without affecting quality and lifetime of LED bulb.

Why solar LED street lamps are widely used?

We think there are two reasons, the benefits of solar power and the efficiency of LED Lighting.

Benefits of solar power

The conversion efficiency of solar panels increased these years. Although it’s about 20%. However, for free and clean energy, it doesn’t have much influence on its application in LED light.

The efficiency of LED Lighting

We can not do much to reduce energy consumption from traditional light sources. There are two main benefits of LED lighting when it comes to improving efficiency and reducing costs. Firstly, LEDs use far less energy than any previous form of lighting, helping to significantly reduce energy consumption. Secondly, the efficiency of LED lighting requires that the frequency of replacement is greatly reduced, saving maintenance costs.

Combination of these two reasons

High-efficiency LED lighting technology makes the benefits of solar energy applications recognized. LED lighting requires less energy than any lighting source used before, so it doesn’t require a lot of solar energy. From the parking lot, pedestrians, and road, these places generally only need to provide lighting at night, so that the solar LED street lights can obtain solar energy during the day, and then convert it into electricity to supply power for the light source at night. The two perfectly combine the sustainable benefits of solar energy and the energy efficiency of LED lighting.

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