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Yeastar P560 IP PBX System

The technologically advanced Yeastar P560 IP PBX System combines telephony interfaces, business features, administration and security, and Unified Communications, to enhance the future scalability of SMEs.Its Quad-Core processor, robust Unified Communications, and excellent interoperability enable you to maximize productivity at work. Yeastar P560 IP PBX System has a built-in Yeastar Remote Management Tool which is available to save you from technical headaches while reducing IT and maintenance costs. Yeastar P560 IP PBX System Dubai Phone System provides you with a highly secure platform to monitor and manage your PBX systems remotely and centrally. The high performing PBX Phone System uses security algorithms such as configuration files that utilize SRTP and TLS call encryption to make your conversations secure.


Yeastar P560 IP PBX System Dubai delivers more than SMEs expect from any other average business phone system when it comes to functionalities. It is equipped with a full – feature set which can not only handle daily business calls but also sophisticated call operations, thus meeting the communication needs of vast and numerous SMEs. Get a premium solution with  IVR, call queue, call recording, conference, and many other advanced PBX features.


You can easily access a comprehensive suite of call, conference, voicemail, presence, enterprise contacts, collaboration from a single interface using mobile phones, desktops, and web browsers, all while using your highly efficient Yeastar P560, thanks to its built-in Linkus UC Clients which has been designed to enhance communication experience and efficiency. Employees can stay connected with colleagues and customers, any time and from anywhere they are.


Enjoy an easy and intuitive organization of contacts for your SME using the Yeastar P560. A user can both add external contacts in order to create a centralized, company-wide directory while managing their personal contact entries, thus benefiting from the caller ID match and speed dial. The company or personal contacts will therefore be synced across Linkus UC Clients, enabling easy access and dialing for in-office, mobile, and remote workers.


The brilliant Yeastar P560 PBX System provides an inbound call center solution so as to improve agent efficiency, responsiveness, and ultimate customer satisfaction for SMEs that run service centers. Apart from standard communications features, Call Distribution, Queue Panel, Wallboard, SLA, and Call Reports are all designed to support more proactive performance monitoring, reporting, and management.


Being very important details of unified communications,  Presence and IM enable SMEs to achieve maximum collaboration thus leveling up productivity.  The Presence feature in Yeastar P560 telephone System is equipped with detailed information about the user’s availability and great flexibility in switching the status. The IM feature together with file sharing, on the other hand, complements other forms of communication thus promoting employee engagement.


The Yeastar P560 IP PBX System aids SMEs in adapting to the new culture of working from home by enabling BYOD mobility, reducing security and network administration challenges, supporting remote control and management, and combining team collaborations. It has teleworking – friendly features so as to achieve unification of dispersed teams and get them all under the same PBX system, thus remaining engaged and productive.


The Operator Panel is a visualized console for corporate operators and receptionists which is used to quickly handle incoming calls based on the real-time availability of employees. A user can simply drag and drop on the panel to dispatch calls to extensions, ring groups, and queues.


Yeastar P560 works perfectly with 3rd Party platforms, including SIP endpoints, CRM, collaboration tools, and many others, hence delivering a unified experience with unmatched simplicity and new advancements. Yeastar P560 allows SMEs to explore their full potential in the world of business communications.


Uninterrupted Communications – eliminate the worries of missing out on any details by staying connected with co-workers and customers, while enjoying enhanced user experience using the premium Yeastar P560.

Maximum Cost Savings – the high – performing Yeastar P560 enables you to enjoy Enterprise – quality, professional VoIP calls on the internet on very low, affordable management and operational costs.

Hassle-Free Management –  Yeastar P560 has been built to offer the user a quick and easy setup and operation, even with basic or no technical skills. It uses a simple plug – and – play method of deployment, easy administration, and granular control and permission.

Constant Updates and Evolution – Yeastar P560 embraces new developments in the technology and innovations sector, so as to be at par with the ever-changing and rising client demands and needs in communication.


Experience the ultimate convenience of carrying out business anywhere, any time on any device, thanks to the Yeastar P560 Phone System’s compatibility with Yeastar Linkus UC Softphone and Linkus Cloud Service.

Connect: Do away with sophistication and embrace simplicity while connecting on any device anywhere with your Linkus UC Softphone.

Communicate: Enjoy messaging, audio, and video conferencing with all the advanced features for comprehensive communications using the Yeastar P560 Phone System.

Collaborate: Let your presence be felt through teamwork, file sharing as well as on the Corporate Directory in the Yeastar P560 PBX Phone System.

CRM Integration: Enjoy maximum compatibility with popular cloud services such as Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook Contacts and Google Contacts.


Foreign Exchange Subscribers is the port that actually delivers the analog line to the subscriber. it is simply the “plug in the wall” that delivers a dial tone, battery current, and ring voltage. This is the jack or interface to the phone system which FXO devices can be connected to. The Yeastar P560 has been equipped with 8 FXS ports to maximize communication while using your telephone to make calls, thus maximizing work productivity.


The Yeastar P560 delivers convenience, reliability, and seamless integration through the Yeastar Device Management Platform via an installed unified firmware. The platform is also used to troubleshoot and solve some of the common complexities that sometimes come during provisioning, call management, and quality control. It also enhances user experience and adoption, making it easy to consolidate clients under one platform. This not only makes the device easy to deploy and maintain but also gives you the ability to keep it at par with new and advanced firmware updates, thus a reduction in the upgrade, maintenance, and operational costs. The Yeastar P560 is, thus, a perfect solution regardless of the variations in your company’s needs.


The Yeastar P560 Phone enables you to personalize adjustments such as setting classic ringtones for specific contacts, and voicemail tones for every incoming voicemail alert. This not only makes communication fun and easy, but also makes sure that the user does not miss important phone calls.


Yeastar P560 Phone System is equipped with a dashboard on which a real-time eagle-eye overview of all your customer-premises PBXs are displayed from a central point. Remote Management automatically monitors the status of the device, saving you the burden of having to stay near the equipment all through. In case of any critical system issues, you can get immediate alerts even before your customers do and solve the issues right away, enjoying instant control right in your hands.


The Yeastar P560 Phone pushes versatility to a new high, thanks to its ability to complement already existing fixtures for enhanced web and video conferencing, as well as other communication needs. This makes it easy to integrate seamlessly into any office setup without disorienting earlier structures and work ethic. Furthermore, the device is easy to redeploy as the business grows and needs to transform.


Make all your conversations secure by using the Yeastar P560 Phone which uses security algorithms such as configuration files that utilize SRTP and TLS call encryption. You can also get security alerts via email in case of any suspicious and unauthorized access into your Yeastar P560, thus enabling you to take the required activities such as changing your passwords.

Yeastar P560 IP PBX System CALL FEATURES

    This advanced feature of the Yeastar P560 Phone allows the user to relocate an inbound call to another phone or messaging system by using a dedicated call transfer button on the phone, or software that has been configured for use on the Wireless Phone.
    You can hear another incoming call when you are already on an active phone call (beep). With the Yeastar P560 Phone, you can also turn off call waiting so that incoming calls are directly sent to voicemail during moments you are active on another Phone call.
    You can easily place an active phone call on hold in order to make or pick another incoming call using the premium Yeastar P560.

Why the Yeastar P560?

  • Optimum flexibility to meet diversified needs
  • Easily engage your employees and customers in a distributed world
  • Enjoy streamlined operations with visual call activities
  • The Yeastar P560 is equipped with a panel-based administration that simplifies your communication needs
  • Its granular permission is based on user roles
  • It is pioneered in excellent and consistent user experience
  • It has a remarkable functionality for SMEs at a pocket – friendly price
  • Its exceptional performance is powered by refined hardware
  • It comes with an embedded security mechanism to minimize system vulnerabilities
  • It is an integrated model that embraces more possibilities and advancements.

Yeastar P560 IP PBX System Specification

  •  Base Users/Max Users : 100/200
  •  Max Concurrent Calls : 30/60
  •  Base/ Max Call Centre Agents : 100/200
  •  Max FXS Ports : 8
  •  Max FXO/BRI Ports : 8
  •  Max GSM /3G/4G  Ports : 4
  •  Max E1/T1/J1 Ports : 1
  •  Expandable D30 : 1
  •  Transport Protocol : UDP, TLS, TCP, SRTP
  •  Voice Codec : G711(alaw/ulaw) ,G722,G726,G729A,GSM, Speex,ADPCM,iLBC
  •  Video Codec : H263, H263P,H264, MPEG4
  •  DTMF : In – band, RFC4733, RFC2833, SIP INFO
  •  NFC Read/Write : Yes
  •  Ethernet Interfaces : 2 × (10/100/1000Mbps)
  •  Hard Disk : 1 SATA(up to 2TB)
  •  USB : 1( up to 2TB)
  •  Power Supply: AC 100-240V
  • 50/60Hz 1.5A max
  •  Size(L*W*H)cm : 44 × 25.2 × 4.4
  •  Weight : 2.5kg
  •  Form Factor : 1U Rackmount
  •  Environment:
    • Operation Range: 0°C to 40°C, 32°F to 104°F
    • Storage Range: -20°C to 65°C, -4°F to 149°F
    • Humidity : 10 – 90% non-condensing

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