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Sunlight 6V 6RES OPzV 380 Ah

RES OPzV is a premium range, developed for applications requiring regular deep cycling. It is a maintenance-free energy storage solution that offers significant benefits in terms of cost per cycle, combined with the highest level of reliability and performance even for remote installations where long discharges occur and excellent recharging properties are essential.

Optimum design, exclusive use of high-quality materials, robust construction, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes make RES OPzV batteries an ideal solution for demanding Renewable Energy Storage applications

Sunlight 6V 6RES OPzV 380 Ah Description

Positive plates Tubular plates with corrosion-resistant Lead Calcium Tin Alloy.
Negative plates Pasted negative plates of grid design with optimized Lead Calcium Tin Alloy.
Separators Low resistance, microporous PVC.
Electrolyte Diluted sulphuric acid fixed as GEL.
Container, lid material Plastic case made of polymer plastic ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadien Styrene) material.
Optionally in flame retardant plastic ABS (UL 94-V0).
Premium design with insert and rubber seal in the lid for hardness and
Poles acid resistance. M10 brass inlay. Impedance measurements are possible.
Accurate voltage measurements are possible due to bolt-on type design.
Connectors Steel bolts with plastic encapsulated head. Insulated flexible connectors
and optional solid connectors are available.
Pressure relief valve with integral flame arrestor.

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