Siemon Cat 7 SFTP Ethernet Cables 305 Meters

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Siemon Cat 7 SFTP Ethernet Cables 305 Meters

The Siemon Cat 7 SFTP Ethernet Cables 305 Meters is fully shielded Category 7A 1000 MHz end-to-end cabling solution is the highest-performing, most secure twisted-pair copper cabling system available.

Siemon’s Category 7A 1000 MHz SFTP cable perfectly complements the performance of the TERA outlet exceeding all ISO/IEC requirements for Category 7A/Class FA transmission performance.

A fully shielded cable with individual foils around each pair coupled with a high screen coverage outer braid provides perfect immunity from outside interferences.

The cable jacket has been qualified for mechanical reliability in high-temperature environments up to 75°C. In PoE remote power applications, this cable can be installed in environments up to 60°C and will not experience degradation due to heat rise inside the cable bundle.

Siemon cable is the ideal way to ensure optimum channel performance and is essential for a complete end-to-end warranted solution.

Product Specifications

Fast and easy termination of category 7A/class FA fully shielded (S/FTP) cable

The slim, compact design allows outlets to be side-stacked

Shielded quadrant design fully isolates pairs for optimum performance up to 1.2 GHz per pair

A fully shielded (S/FTP) cable and connector design eliminates alien crosstalk concerns

TERA’s ability to share one 4-pair cable and outlet to support multiple applications can save significant material and installation costs

Outlets include a hinged door to prevent exposure to dust and other contaminants

TERA outlets and plugs assure proper termination of cable shield ­ no additional crimping or processes required for grounding cable

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