Luminous Solar Hybrid inverter 850 VA Home UPS

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Luminous Solar Hybrid inverter 850 VA Home UPS

Luminous Solar Hybrid 850 VA Home UPS is a powerful hybrid inverter with an inbuilt charge Controller. It is an intelligent solar system that gives priority to solar power use to save on electricity utility bills. luminous Solar Inverter charges the battery from the grid and Solar panels. If there is enough sunshine It charges the battery from the solar Panel and if Solar is not available, then the inverter charges the battery from Main Grid. It can charge the battery and supply solar power to the connected load if solar generation is sufficient otherwise it gives first priority to solar battery charging and then supply additional power to connected loads.

The Luminous Solar Hybrid inverter 850 VA Home UPS is a First of its kind Home UPS that delivers both AC and DC output Up to 600 Watt PV Module solar panel compatibility Intelligent fuzzy logic technology helps in saving electricity from 1.5 to 3 units a day. Pure Sine wave output provides better performance & safety to the output load.

The 850VA / 12V Luminous Solar Hybrid Inverter can charge the batteries using Solar panels and mains. The inverters feature advanced battery management that ensures your battery lasts long. The battery can be charged once the mains voltage is between 120 and 260 volts There is also a battery reverse polarity protection, which ensures you do not mistakenly damage your inverter during installation. Luminous Inverter has grown in popularity, maybe because of its affordable prices, but also its availability and service in the country.

Luminous is one of the few inverter brands that you can invest in and be sure of great value for money – reliable performance, excellent power output, and advanced inverter technology that protects batteries and ensures optimum functioning. The 850va Luminous inverter is a star product, meeting most of your household requirements and able to deliver adequate power backup on the right load. Well-used, this inverter capacity can adequately cover the gaps in public power supply, ensuring you have a round-the-clock power supply. The 850va Inverter with Automatic changeover and appliance protection circuits as well as a temperature sensor. The Luminous 850va inverter is built to withstand the rigors of heavy usage that is expected in our under-served environment and to deliver overall performance.

Luminous Solar Hybrid inverter 850 VA Home Key Features

  • Luminous Product
  • 850va 12v
  • Solar hybrid inverter with inbuilt solar controller
  • Overcharge protection
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Automatic changeover

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