EPSON Maintainace Kit  Maint WF-C869R – C13T671400

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EPSON Maintainace Kit  Maint WF-C869R – C13T671400

The EPSON Maintenance Kit for the WF-C869R printer, is a crucial component designed to help maintain and prolong the life of your printer. This kit typically includes various maintenance items and consumables necessary for the upkeep of your printer, such as:

Maintenance Box: This box collects waste ink during the cleaning and maintenance processes. When it becomes full, it needs to be replaced to prevent ink overflow and maintain print quality.

Cleaning Sheets or Wipers: These are used to clean the print heads and other critical printer components, ensuring that ink can flow smoothly and preventing clogs or streaks in your prints.

Gloves: Gloves may be included to protect your hands while handling maintenance components or replacing the maintenance box.

Instructions: The kit should come with instructions or guidelines on how to perform the maintenance tasks properly, including step-by-step procedures for replacing the maintenance box and cleaning parts.

The T6714 Ink Maintenance Box stores ink that gets flushed from the system during print head cleaning.

Your printer and its software will let you know when the maintenance box needs to be replaced so you don’t need

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