Epever Tracer 6415 Charge Controller

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Epever Tracer 6415 Charge Controller

The EPEVER® Tracer AN charge controller series is based on multiphase synchronous rectification technology (Multiphase Synchronous Rectification Technology MSRT) and the expanded MPPT control method (Maximum Power Point Tracking MPPT). With its modern dual-core processor architecture and the latest hardware design, the charge controller has a very fast control speed, is very reliable, and meets a high industrial standard. The MSRT technology guarantees a very high conversion efficiency for any charging power and thus increases the energy efficiency of photovoltaic systems. The extended MPPT control method minimizes the loss rate and loss time and thus increases the tracking efficiency, the adaptation speed, and the conversion efficiency both at high and low instantaneous power. Thanks to the MPPT control method, all Tracer AN products are able to determine the optimal operating point of photovoltaic systems as quickly as possible and obtain the maximum energy from the solar panels. The functionality to limit the charging power and current as well as the automatic power reduction guarantee stable operation even with oversized photovoltaic modules or at high ambient temperatures.

Product Features

  • Multi-functional LCD display with backlight
  • advanced MPPT technology with a tracking efficiency of at least 99.5% and a maximum efficiency of 98%
  • “ultra-fast” recording speed
  • precise detection of maximum power points (MPP) with multiple peaks
  • RS485 interface with MODBUS industry standards
  • Negative grounding via (-) – Pol
  • fully programmable functions via PC software
  • automatic system voltage detection 12/24/36/48 V
  • Battery deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, overvoltage protection
  • Full load operation without loss of performance in the working environment temperature range
  • Temperature-dependent charge parameter correction (only for lead-acid battery)
  • battery types adjustable (open acid, AGM, gel, user)
  • Solar input module open circuit voltage up to 150 V open circuit voltage
  • Real-time energy statistics function
  • comprehensive electronic protection
  • wide MPP operating voltage range
  • Overheat reduction function
  • Monitoring and setting the parameters via the mobile phone APP or PC software are possible

Technical specifications

Article number 2106415
Rated voltage 12/24/36 / 48VDC auto
Rated charging current 60A
Discharge current 60A
Max. PV open circuit voltage 150V
MPP voltage range (Battery voltage + 2) ~ 108V
Max. PV input power 750W / 12V, 1500W / 24V, 2250W / 36V, 3000W / 48V
Max. PV array power 1125W/12V,2250W/24V,3375W/36V,4500W/48V
Own electricity consumption 98mA / 12V, 60mA / 24V, 50mA / 36V, 46mA / 48V
Temperature compensation coefficient -3mV / ° C / 2V (default)
RS485 interface RS485 (RJ45)
Temperature range -25 ° C to + 45 ° C
Degree of protection IP20
Dimensions 340 * 236 * 119mm
Weight 4,5Kg

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