150 Liters Non Pressurized SEVEN SS STARS Solar Water Heater

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150 Liters Non Pressurized SEVEN SS STARS Solar Water Heater

150 Liters Non-Pressurized SEVEN SS STARS Solar Water Heaters are popular high-quality solar water Heaters. They are made to last longer and are highly adaptive to both fresh and borehole water. They come with an inner tank made of stainless steel to work with the rising use of borehole water.   It allows water to get in it by pressure but will only leave at the outlet through the convectional flow. To boost pressure at the delivery, a hot-water-compatible pump can be installed to suck hot water.

150 Liters Non-Pressurized SEVEN SS STARS Solar Water Heater Technical Data

Tank Outer Tank  Material: 0.4mm SUS304-2B stainless steelDiameter: 420mm/460mm/480mm 
InnerTank  Material: SUS304-2B stainless steelDiameter and Thickness:310mm/360mm/380mm(0.40/0.58mm)
Insulation Layer  50/55/60mm high-density polyurethane foam 
Solar Collector Material: three target tubes (SS/CU/AL-coating)Size: Φ47x1500mm/Φ58×1800mm  

No of Tubes: 15 Pieces.

Support Frame Material:1.5mm import heat zinc steel plateInstallation angle: 27°, 38°, 45° 

Cost and Benefits of 150 Liters of Non-Pressurized Solar Water Heater

Reduced energy bills

In summer, it may be possible to

heat all the water you need with solar

energy. In winter, or on cold cloudy

days, solar water heating will meet part

of your hot water needs – you’ll also

need some supplementary heating

from your booster system.

The exact amount you save from solar

water heating will depend on a wide

range of factors including how much

hot water you use, the solar water

heating system you install, and the

quality of the installation.

It’s been estimated that for an average

household, an effective system will:

  • provide at least 50 percent* of

annual hot water needs

  • cut about 2200kWh from annual

electricity use

  • provide savings of $350–$450

a year (depending on the cost of

your electricity or gas supply).

Installation costs

Because each installation is different,

the installation cost of a solar water

heating system can vary widely. For

systems connected to an existing hot

water tank, the average cost is about

$5,500. For systems that also include

a new tank, the average cost is around

$7,300. Prices could be higher or lower

depending on a range of factors, such

as the size of the system.

In general, it’s more expensive to install

solar water heating in an existing house

then in a new house. This is because,

in an existing house, you sometimes

need to:

  • add pipes in parts of the house

that are hard to access

  • add structural framing in the roof

so it can carry the extra weight

of the solar water heating collectors

and tank – if you choose to have

the tank on your roof.

You may be eligible for a $1,000 grant.

To check whether you qualify, and how

to apply, see www.energy-wise.govt.NZ

EECA publishes the indicative

performance data for all solar water

heating systems qualifying for the

$1,000 grant. This is a useful way to

compare the performance of systems

eligible for a grant.

Environmental benefits

If you install solar water heating,

you’re helping to reduce New Zealand’s

dependence on non-renewable energy

sources and you’re helping to cut

greenhouse gas emissions.

Every residential solar water heating

the system installed is estimated to

save, on average, about 1.4 tonnes

of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

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