RFID Key Fob

RFID key fobs have the same functionality as RFID smart cards. However, RFID key fobs also referred to as smart keys or simply RFID key fobs, are much more compact, practical, and robust. Thanks to these features and their intuitive handling, smart keys are often used in access control and time recording. Further advantages of the RFID key fob are its extremely high durability and robustness against external influences.

Because the RFID chip and the necessary antenna for data transmission are safely stowed in the key fob’s housing, disruptions, and unexpected problems when using the RFID key fob are therefore almost impossible. If required, it is also possible to print the RFID Key Fobs with their own logo or the company logo. This makes your RFID key fob in no time at all a marketing tool.

Popular are the Key Fobs who are always at hand whenever needed, including as a giveaway at trade shows, with accreditations, or as an innovative employee or visitor badge.

Product Features

Em Tags, Contactless smart card

Frequency: 125KHz (EM)

Material: ABS,  Blue color


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