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TBB Energier Pro CF5050S: 5000W / 48V Pure Sinewave Inverter / 50A Cha

The TBB Energier Essential inverter-charger combination is designed for power shedding applications (backup power systems). With battery/batteries, you can quickly compose a power backup system to support 2 to 6 hrs backup time.

Energier Essential integrates multiple functions, including a powerful battery charger, a true sine wave inverter, and a high-speed automatic transfer switch. Its distinguishing surge capability makes it capable of powering the most demanding appliances, such as air conditioners, water pumps, washing machines, freezers, etc.

The Energier Essential range comes with features designed especially for African countries where the grid is often not stable and low voltage is frequently encountered, and can maximize the usage of grid power and automatically adjust its charging in accordance with grid conditions.

Compared to a diesel generator, the TBB Energier Essential range offers a fully automatic switchover from grid power to battery power, lower cost of operation, less noise, high-quality power, and more.

General Features

• Pure Sinewave output with outstanding peak power
• High efficiency up to 95%
• Extremely low-status consumption power
• Solar Mode allows you to make energy from the sun the primary source
• TBB premium II multi-stage charging algorithm with built-in automatic temperature and voltage compensation charging
• Equalisation charging program is available
• Lithium Battery charging algorithm available for flooded batteries
• Fully programmable with Vision Lite or Rapconfig software
• GEN mode makes it compatible with cheap generators on the market
• Weak Grid mode can dramatically increase grid-power usage when available
• Built-in Power Sharing Function
• Adjustable Standby Level
• Built-in AGS
• Compatible with T-bus


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