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Growatt MOD 20KTL3 -X 20Kw Grid-Tie Three-Phase Solar Inverter

The new Growatt MID 20KTL3-x inverter has a total DC power of 26,000Wp and an AC power of 20,000W. The inverter is designed to work with commercial PV systems and has a very high efficiency of 98.75%. As a result, a maximum energy yield is achieved with the solar panel system.

Specs inverter

The new Growatt inverter has a lighter and more compact design. This allows the transportation and installation of the inverter by one person. The inverter features a dual MPP-Tracker system and a transformerless design. This ensures low noise production and the inverter is also suitable for office buildings or homes. This design provides natural cooling of the inverter so that the inverter does not have a fan or transformer.

Security and configuration

The inverter has a protection degree of IP65, which allows indoor & outdoor installation. The maximum installation height is 4000M. The inverter has OLED-Display and a touch button. This makes configuring and installing the inverter even easier. The inverter comes with SPD type 2 protection and protects any overvoltages and loads from the inverter.

The Growatt inverter comes with export control and ensures risk reduction. It optimizes export control processes so that the highest possible energy yield is always optimized. It is possible to connect the inverter to Wifi. Including a USB port and RS485.

Growatt MID 20KTL3-X Three Phase Inverter 20000kW

  • Max. efficiency 98.7%
  • 40% compact and lighter
  • Dual MPP trackers
  • Supports export control
  • Touch key and OLED display
  • Type II SPD on AC and DC side
  • Data storage for up to 25 years
  • DC side 2 in 1 connection enabled

Technical Data

Model MID 15KTL3-X | MID 17KTL3-X | MID 20KTL3-X | MID 22KTL3-X | MID 25KTL3-X
Max. recommended PV power 19500W | 22100W | 26000W | 28600W |32500W
Max. DC voltage 1100V
Start Voltage 250V
Nominal voltage 580V
Number of MPP trackers/ Strings per MPP tracker 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2| 2/2+3
Rated AC output power 15000W | 17000W | 20000W |22000W | 25000W
AC nominal voltage 230V/400V; 340-440V | 50/60 Hz; 45~55Hz/55-65 Hz
Max. output current 24.2A | 27.4A | 31.9A | 35.5A | 40.2A
DC Surge protection Type II
Dimensions/ Weight 525/395/222 mm | 23 kg
Interfaces: USB/RS485/WIFI/GPRS/4G yes/yes/opt/opt/opt


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