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3.7 Kilowatts Hober MPPT Hybrid Solar Water Pumping Inverter

Hober 3.7kw MPPT Hybrid Solar Irrigation Pumping Inverter.

It converts the DC power into Ac Power to drive the pump, and real-time adjusts the output frequency to achieve maximum power point tracking.

The inverter is appropriate for three-phase pumps with power requirements below 3700 Watts.

Output 3 phase 380/400/415, 50/60Hz

  1. Working time,
  2. Hybrid/stop,
  3. Dry-run Software protection,
  4. Water Sensor, AC output Voltage,
  5. AC output Phase loss,
  6. Easy Inverter Working Time Calibration,
  7. Over -Current or Over Load,
  8. Factory Reset


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