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11kw invt three phase inverter

Brief introduction of Goodrive 10 inverters

Goodrive 10 Series min-economy inverters are designed for the small power OEM application marker. With the function of vectorization V/F control and PID function, multi-step speed, DC braking and Modbus communication, and so on, the inverter has more advantages but occupied less installation space.


1. V/F control

2. Natural cooling (for applications with cotton and dust)

3. Mini structure, less installation space

Rated Specifications

Model Output power (kW) Input current (A) Output Current (A)
Single-phase 230V GD10-0R2G-S2-B 0.2 4.9 1.6
GD10-0R4G-S2-B 0.4 6.5 2.5
GD10-0R7G-S2-B 0.75 9.3 4.2
GD10-1R5G-S2-B 1.5 15.7 7.5
GD10-2R2G-S2-B 2.2 24 11
Three-phase 230V GD10-0R2G-2-B 0.2 1.9 1.6
GD10-0R4G-2-B 0.4 2.7 2.5
GD10-0R7G-2-B 0.75 4.9 4.2
GD10-1R5G-2-B 1.5 9 7.5 
GD10-2R2G-2-B 2.2 15 11
Three-phase 400V GD10-0R7G-4-B 0.75 3.2 2.5
GD10-1R5G-4-B 1.5 4.3 4.2
GD10-2R2G-4-B 2.2 7.1 5.5

Technical Specifications

Function Specifications
Input voltage (V) 230V: input voltage range: single phase or three phases 230V 10%
400V; input voltage range: three-phase 400V 15%
Input frequency (Hz) 50Hz or 60Hz Allowed range: 47~63Hz
Output voltage (V) Equal to input voltage with a deviation of less than 5%
Output frequency(Hz) 50Hz/60Hz, Fluctuation range: 5%
Control mode V/f control
Maximum output frequency 200Hz
Adjustable-speed ratio 0.111111111
Overload capability 150% of rated current: 1 minute
Analog input resolution <=20mV
Digital input resolution <=2ms
Analog input/output Input 1.0~10V or 0-20mA, output; 1.0~10V or 0~20mA
Digital input/output 5 channels digital input, 1 Y terminal output, and 1 programmable relay output
Communication MODBUS
Mountable mode Wall mounting
The temperature of the running environment -10~500C, derate above 400C
Cooling Single/three-phase 230V 0.2-0.75kW natural cooling
Single/three-phase 230V 1.5-2.2kw, three-phase 400V 0.75-2.2kw
Fault protection Over-current, overvoltage, under voltage, over temperature, overload, and other protections
Braking unit

Only standard for GD10-B


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