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1.5Kw Single Phase Solartech (Sunverter) SV3 Solar Water Pumping Inverter

The Solartech PB1500L-G2 1.5kW Solar Water Pump Inverter is compatible with submersible pumps, surface pumps, and swimming pool pumps using 3-phase induction motors. These pumping inverters convert PV array power direct to AC power. The MPP tracker adjusts the output frequency according to the radiations.

1.5Kw Single Phase Solartech (Sunverter) SV3 Solar Water Pumping Inverter Specs

  • Patented dynamic VI maximum power tracking (MPPT) algorithm;
  • Faster response and good stability. MPPT efficiency reaches 99%.
  • Full automatic operation. The pump operation frequency range can be set based on project requirements.8 years storage capacity for operation data.
  • An intelligent power module is used in the main circuit. High reliability. Up to 98% conversion efficiency.
  • Support the soft start of the pump. Full motor protection. Optional water level switch to protect overflow and dry running.
  • Multiple DC input strings can implement solar combiner function and anti-reverse circuit at each input string.
  • Good sealing, IP65 protection grade. Ambient temperature: -20~+60℃. Ambient humidity ≤95%. Suitable for the harsh outdoor installation environment.
  • Using high-standard components. Wide input voltage range, low voltage models with built-in boost circuits, and flexible options for solar array design.
  • LCD display, user-friendly interface, rich display information.

1.5Kw Single Phase Solartech (Sunverter) SV3 Solar Water Pumping Inverter Optional Features

  • Optional grid/diesel back-up, meeting running requirements for day and night. Intelligent recognition of input voltage, automatic operation without manually debugging the voltage parameters in advance.
  • Optional RS485/GPRS interface to implement system remote monitoring.
  • Optional advanced functions: encryption for installment payment, analog input control, timing control, alarm output.


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