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Amaron Quanta 12v 200ah 12AL200 SMF Battery

Key Features

.  Amaron Quanta 12V 200Ah 12Al200 Smf Battery

.   Amaron 200AH 12AL200
.   SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free)
.  Warranty-24 Months
.   12 Volts
.   Meant for Online UPS, Telecom
.  Prolongs life.
.   Heavy-duty Lead alloy.
.   Thick, robust inter-cell connections

.   Imparts high reliability during service life.
.   Thicker Grids and Higher Separator Compression Prolong Life Expectancy
.   Inter-cell Weld between Cells Provides a highly reliable Low resistance Pathc
.  PPCP Containers with Low Permeability ensure that there is no water loss
.  Reinforced walls improve Impact resistance
.  Proven AGM Technology ensures Maintenace Free Features
.  Confirm JIS 802C International Standards
.   Low Self Discharge rates for Extended Storage Periods
.   Valve-regulated lead acid AGM technology
.   High energy density
.   Spill-proof and leak-proof with triple seal terminal design
.  AGM batteries great for a wide range of applications
.   AGM batteries provide a competitive battery solution that combines superior gas recombination technology and great energy density.
.  Design float for 10 years
.  They are a difficult-to-beat option. reliable, versatile, and maintenance-free!



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