Fronius Symo 3.7-3-5 solar inverter

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Fronius Symo 3.7-3-5 solar inverter

The FRONIUS SYMO 3.7-3-S 3.7kW network inverter is a three-phase, transformer-free network connection inverter. With its power ranges between 3.0 and 20.0 kW, the transformer-free Fronius Symo is the ideal three-phase inverter for any size residential photovoltaic installation with uneven surfaces and roofs with different orientations. with  Fronius’ warranty.

With the FRONIUS SYMO  inverter, you will enjoy a high voltage system of 1,000 volts, an extensive input voltage range from 150V to 800V, and an application both indoors and outdoors, supporting enormous flexibility in its configuration and design of the solar installation. The  Fronius Symo inverter is ideal for photovoltaic installers or end customers, maintaining an innovative connection system makes assembling and installing the devices even easier.


  • FRONIUS SYMO network connection inverters  with the name Light are those that do not have the WLAN communication module installed in order to view the inverter data over the internet,
  • Investors who do NOT have the name “Light” do have the WLAN communication module built-in
  • Those FRONIUS  SYMO network connection inverters with the name“S” incorporate only one MPP, while Symo network connection inverters incorporating the name “M” incorporate 2 MPP.


With its power ranges between 3.0 and 20.0 kW, the transformerless Fronius Symo is the ideal three-phase inverter for any installation size. Thanks to its SuperFlex design, the Fronius Symo is perfect for roofs with different inclinations or different orientations. The integrated WLAN or Ethernet Internet connection as standard and the easy integration of third-party components make the Fronius Symo one of the most communicative inverters in the industry. The counter interface supports dynamic power management and very clear power consumption visualization.


FRONIUS SYMO connectivity

The Fronius Symo series inverter is distinguished by its communication options since the Ethernet interface and    WLAN interface integrated as standard allow direct connection to the Internet and Smartphones with  Fronius Solar.web, Fronius Solar.web App. THE SYMO’s power management relay is included and contributes significantly to the optimization of solar self-consumption, so it is especially suitable for use in residential homes of all types.

The Fronius Symo plays an important role in ensuring that the network is supported both statically and dynamically, thanks to stored energy and voltage support. As a result of these “Advanced Network Functions”, the Fronius Symo meets the requirements for the public networks of the future, making it Smart Grid Ready and therefore one of the investors best prepared for the future in the renewable energy sector.


FRONIUS SYMO 3.7-3-S 3.7kW inverter input data

Number of MPP followers 1
Maximum input current (Idc max) 16 A
Maximum short-circuit current per FV series 24 A
DC input voltage range (minimum Udc – Ucc max.) 150 – 1000 V
Minimum start-up DC voltage (Udc start-up) 200 V
Nominal input voltage (Udc,r) 595 V
Voltage range MPP (Umpp min. – Umpp max.) 250 – 800 V
Maximum usable performance point voltage range 150 – 800 V
Number of CC inputs 3
Maximum output of the FV generator (Pcc max.) 7.4 kW peak

FRONIUS SYMO 3.7-3-S 3.7kW inverter output data

Rated AC power (Pac,r) 3700 W
Maximum output power (Pac max) 3700 VA
AC output current (Ica nom) 5.3 A
Network Coupling (Uca,r) 3rd NPE 400/230, 3rd NPE 380/220 V
AC Voltage Range (Umín. – Umáx.) 150 – 280 V
Frequency (fr) 50 / 60 Hz
Frequency range (fmín – fmáx) 45 – 65 Hz
Nonlinear distortion coefficient < 3 % 3″” %”>
Power factor (cos’ac,r) 0.70 – 1 ind./cap.

General Investor Data FRONIUS SYMO 3.7-3-S 3.7kW

Dimension (width) 431 mm
Weight 16 kg
Type of protection IP 65
Kind of protection 1
Overvoltage category (DC / AC) 1) 2 / 3
Night consumption < 1 w 1″”>
Investor concept No transformer
Cooling Regulated air cooling
Installation Indoor and outdoor installation
Ambient temperature range -25oC – +60oC
Allowable air humidity 0 – 100 %
Maximum altitude 2) 2,000m / 3,400m
DC connection technology Connection of 3x DC+, 3x DC- threaded terminals 2.5 mm2 – 16 mm2
Main connection technology Connection of 5 poles threaded AC terminals 2.5 – 16 mm2
Certificates and compliance E 8001-4-712, DIN V VDE 0126-1-1/A1, VDE AR N 4105, IEC 62109-1/-2, IEC 62116, IEC 61727, AS 3100, AS 4777-2, AS 4777-3, CER 06-190, G83/2, UNE 206007-1, NRS 097

FRONIUS SYMO 3.7-3-S 3.7kW inverter performance

Maximum performance (FV – network) 98 %
European Performance (EUE) 96,7 %
η with 5% Pac,r 3) 83,4 / 86,4 / 80,6 %
η with 10% Pac,r 3) 90,1 / 92,5 / 88,7 %
η with 20% Pac,r 3) 93,7 / 95,7 / 93,6 %
η with 25% Pac,r 3) 94,5 / 96,4 / 94,7 %
η with 30% Pac,r 3) 95,0 / 96,7 / 95,4 %
η with 50% Pac,r 3) 96,9 / 97,6 / 96,7 %
η with 75% Pac,r 3) 96,2 / 97,8 / 97,3 %
η with 100% Pac,r 3) 96,2 / 98,0 / 97,5 %
MPP adaptation performance > 99.9%

FRONIUS SYMO 3.7-3-S 3.7kW Inverter Safety Equpamiento

Measuring DC insulation Yes
Overload behavior Displacement of the work point, power limitation
DC disconnector Yes

FRONIUS SYMO 3.7-3-S 3.7kW inverter interfaces

WLAN/Ethernet LAN Fronius Solar.web, Modbus TCP SunSpec, Fronius Solar API (JSON)
6 digital inputs or 4 digital inputs/outputs Wave control receiver interface
USB (Connector A) 4) Datalogging, updating inverters via USB
2 RJ 45 connectors (RS422) 4) Fronius Solar Net
Warning output 4) Power management (potential-free relay output)
Datalogger and Web Server Integrated
External input 4) SO-Meter / Input Interface for Surge Protection
RS485 Modbus RTU SunSpec or counter connection

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