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AD-Link Cat e 6 UTP Ethernet Cables 305M

Cat 6  UTP Ethernet Cables product specs:

  • 305M CAT6 UTP Cable High-Quality AD-LINK
  • High-Performance Network Cable
  • Durable, high-density polyethylene insulation, PVC jacket
  • Signal CAT6 UTP
  • 4 pairs and Twisted  / 23 AWG
  • ISO/IEC 118001
  • EIA-568-B.2

Cat6 Ethernet- UTP 24AW Tough Cable 305M

A-Dlink Cat6 UTP 24AW Tough LAN Cable is suitable for small office cabling solutions such as data networking, CCTV installation, Landline IP Telephony Cabling and Much more.

The  Cat 6 Ethernet cable offers a reliable internet speed of 350Mhz up to 50m, and Gigabit Speeds up to 80m  with this kind of speed in office cabling no single time that the user will experience a network downtime or slower network speeds.

Need to set up LAN Network. Shop for Easenet High-Quality low price cable today


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