Best Mecer UPS Prices in Kenya

Facing power outages can disrupt your workflow and damage electronics. A Mecer UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) safeguards your equipment, providing crucial backup power during these interruptions.Zemaro Tech Store  is a trusted dealer of Mecer UPS  and Offers the best discounted Prices In Nairobi kenya and its environs. Bellow is a table of Mecer ups stocks & prices

ME-650-VU Mecer 650VA Line Interactive UPS (ME-650-VU) Available KES 9,500.00
ME-850-VU Mecer 850VA Line Interactive UPS (ME-850-VU) Available KES 12,500.00
ME-1000-VU Mecer 1000VA Line Interactive UPS (ME-1000-VU) Available KES 19,000.00
ME-2000-VU Mecer 2KVA Line Interactive UPS (ME-2000-VU) Available KES 27,000.00
ME-3000-VU Mecer 3KVA Line Interactive UPS (ME-3000-VU) Available KES 40,000.00
Mecer 3000VA/2400W 3kva Smart Online UPS “ME-3000-WPTU Available KES 98,000.00
Mecer 3000VA (3KVA) (2700W) LCD Smart Online Rackmount UPS ME-3000-WPRU Available KES 130,000.00

Investing in a Mecer UPS system is a smart decision to safeguard your electronic devices and ensure uninterrupted power Supply.Whether you need a basic model for home use or a robust system for business needs, Zemaro Tech Store gives you The best discounted Prices  and  2 years manufacturers Warranty   For all Mecer units. Contact us now at 0708587465 /

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