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ProSYS 128 Zone Control Panel Integrated Security System from RISCO Group

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ProSYS 128 Zone Control Panel Integrated Security System from RISCO Group

ProSYS.Free is an Integrated Security System that is simple to install, yet has the flexibility and comprehensive set of features to suit any application. The system has an unrivaled dual-path signaling solution with totally integrated IP and GPRS communication from within the main box.

The system is modular and expandable, making it possible to install a basic intruder system and add modules and functionality – be it dual-path IP and GSM/GPRS communication, Access Control, Voice Module, or Wireless – as customer needs and budgets evolve. ProSYS.Freecom has a proven track record with installations in thousands of organizations, including banks, and commercial, retail, and public establishments.

Installing RISCO Bus Detectors on the ProSYS Bus with Remote Control & Diagnostics saves on cabling, zone expanders, installation time, and on-site maintenance. Up to 128 Bus detectors can be installed on a 4-core alarm cable, eliminating the need to draw cables from the panel or zone expanders to each and every detector, thus saving on labor time. Additionally, RISCO Bus detectors are faster to install than regular detectors, as wiring in the panel is simpler, no EOL resistors are needed, and detection parameters are set remotely. RISCO Bus Detectors also provide major savings on physical zone expanders.

ProSYS is available with an elegant Touchscreen Keypad that has a low-profile design. Its glass touch screen is extremely responsive, and together with the friendly user interface makes it is easier than ever to operate and program the ProSYS. The Touchscreen keypad is available in light and dark colors.

Product Specs

NO EVENT LOGS 256 event logs
NO OF ZONES 8 ~ 128 zones
NO OF USER CODES 99 user codes
ADDITIONAL INFO 99 user codes, 8~128 zones, 256 event logs, 8 LCD/LED Remote Keypads, Intruder Control Systems – The ProSYS integrated intrusion and access control systems support 8~128 zones with flexibility and expansion capabilities. The ProSYS series features 3 models: ProSYS 16, ProSYS 40, and ProSYS 128 to suit a wide range of applications and installation sizes. Featuring interactive voice modules, 868/915 MHz wireless hybrid expansion, digital electronic keys, integrated access control, intrinsic Auto-Install technology, and a variety of other features and accessories. The ProSYS is the premier choice for any residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional security installation.


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