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Outdoor motion detector

Outdoor Motion Detector is a unique motion detector utilizing dual passive infrared elements and Microwave technology and is designed for outdoor use in the most severe climatic conditions. The LC-171 can also accommodate pets.

The motion detector is designed to detect movement in a protected area by detecting changes in infrared radiation levels caused, for example, when a person moves within or across the device’s field of vision, a trigger radio signal will be transmitted. Motion sensors trigger devices, like the ones in a security system that spark the alarm if they detect someone moving about the house. Motion sensors have other uses, too, like the ones that turn the garden lights on when someone comes near.

Product Specs

  • Frequency: 24.125 GHz
  • Microwave detection based on the Doppler concept
  • N.O. & N.C. Relays switched at the same time
  • Pet immunity up to 77 lb (35 kg)
  • 16 levels of PIR sensitivity adjustment and 3 microwave sensitivity groups
  • Temperature compensation
  • Microcontroller signal processing
  • Front and back tamper protection
  • Audible indication of walk test and intruder detection
  • Unique waterproof sealed plastic design
  • Detection range: up to 39 ft (12 m)
  • Detect human intruders walking or running
  • No maintenance required
  • High RFI/EMI immunity
  • Protection from: direct sunlight, wind up to 30 m/sec, snow, and rain, small animals, removal of the top cover, and removal from mounting bracket
  • Rain and dustproof: IP65



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