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Optex SX-360Z Ceiling Mount PIR Detector with Zoom Control

The Optex SX-360Z is a commercial ceiling mount passive infra-red (PIR) motion detector featuring a 360 degree 60′ diameter coverage area and zoom function.

The SX-360 Series ceiling-mount detector, with its unique zoom function and highly dense, triple-element detection pattern, provides unsurpassed detection performance at any ceiling height up to 16 feet. By simply twisting the unit’s domed lens, the detection pattern can be easily adjusted at any installation height, making it one of the most versatile ceiling detectors on the market. This, combined with its compact design, makes the SX-360 suitable for a variety of applications large or small, residential or commercial.

Product Specs

The unique “zoom” feature allows adjustment of Optex SX-360Z Ceiling Mount PIR Detector with Zoom Control to meet ceiling heights between 8 and 16 feet

  • RFI and temperature false alarm protection
  • High-density detection area with 276 zones
  • Selectable pulse count (1, 2, or 4)
  • LED on/off switch


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