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GSM control panel

The device is using SMS, GSM / GPRS communication with the possibility to control by calling, SMS, and/or by the mobile app mHOUSE CONTROL for Android. The unit is programmed using a PC and software control panel via a USB connector. It has 8 analog inputs (one internal which monitors the supply voltage), 3 outputs – open collector transistor (two outputs and two inputs are connected in parallel), one power relay (230V / 5A), one LED light in the panel controlling the program, Dallas bus to connect readable chips/cards, thermometers and A/D converters.

GSM control panel usage

GSM detector – conveys information about changes in input state via SMS
  • GSM home alarm – alarm with GSM communicator
  • GSM remote control – such as opening gates by ringing
  • Access identification system – using the Dallas chips for registering attendance
  • Measurement and control of analog values
  • The reading of consumption meters and status via SMS / GPRS

Quick Product Specs:

  • Signal transmission via GPRS / SMS
  • Remote configuration and firmware upgrade
  • Encryption of transmitted data using the AES cipher
  • Communication with the monitoring station using OSM.2007
  • GSM / GPRS connection control


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