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PVC Coated Razor Wire Fences

Barbed wires are twisted strand of wires around which pointed barbs are wrapped around that strand at a regular interval. Barbed wire fencing is the most economical and easy to use kind of fence and hence is most popular among different strata of people.
Barbed wires go well with cement poles, steel poles or even on wooden poles. Barbed wire fencing is a less lethal type of fence and the person or the animal trying to trespass is get bruised, thus keeping themselves away from it. Barbed wire fence serves it’s purpose well in demarcation of the area along with ensuring safety of perimeter. Barbed wires were the first wire technology that kept cattle restrained. J & S FENCE INDUSTRIES is capable of making barbed wires in galvanized and PVC coated finish. PVC coating ensures a long life to barbed wires.

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