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Porcelain electric fence insulators

Porcelain electric fence insulators are made from a refined, white clay called kaolin and is fired at temperatures as high as 2,600° Fahrenheit. It is sometimes referred to as “China,” because the manufacturing process was developed centuries ago in that country.

Porcelain electric fence insulators also have solid color throughout, usually white. Porcelain is denser and less absorbent than ceramic, so it can easily withstand moisture and harsher weather conditions. Because of the cost of materials and an intensive manufacturing process, porcelain is more expensive to produce.

To most people, the term porcelain often signifies high-quality ceramics.

Thanks to porcelain’s durability, porcelain insulators have a lifetime guarantee against typical wear and tear. Porcelain insulators are ideal for use on fences that see a lot of stress and strain, such as those that face extremely cold temperatures or pressure from aggressive animals.


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