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JVA BM1 High Voltage Fence Monitor

JVA BM1 High Voltage Fence Monitor (PTE0211) is a basic electric fence monitor. It provides an alarm when your electric fence is cut or shorted, or the energizer has been turned off.

When connected to the end of the fence (return wire) the BM1 can monitor one complete circuit (zone) of the electric fence.

This monitor can be powered from a 12V power supply or a 12V battery. If you need the monitor to operate during a power failure, consider using a 12V lead acid battery that is being kept charged from a battery charger or solar panel.

The BM1 is intended to be used with pulsed-type electric fence energizers with output voltages of 10kV or less. The energizer should conform to IEC60335.2.76 or similar.


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