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Hammer Ez 680 Electric Fence Energizer

HAMMER Ez 680 Electric Fence Energizer offers single-zone perimeter fencing with up to 8joules of stored power. It can monitor 8km of electric fence installed with 1.6mm HT wire.

  • Monitors the fence return voltage (single zone)
  • Alarms on low Voltage Threshold
  • Auxiliary alarm input (gate monitor)
  • Siren and strobe output
  • Remote control option
  • Powers up to 8Km of fence wire (1.6mm)
  • 8 Joule and 10KV maximum output
  • Battery backup

Product Features

  • Fence Monitor,
  • Gate (aux) monitor,
  • Siren driver,
  • Strobe Driver,
  • Armed Response On/Off Reset Key,
  • Remote Control option,
  • Battery backup,
  • Security,
  • Solar power option


  • Stored energy: 15J,
  • Output energy 500ohm: 8J,
  • Output Voltage max: 10KV,
  • Output voltage min: 8kv,
  • Backup time max: 14hrs,
  • Backup time min: 7 hrs,
  • Battery Volts: 12V,
  • Battery Capacity: 7Ah,
  • Mains power: 220vac,
  • Pulse period: 1-1.5s,
  • Pulse Width: 0.3ms,
  • Alarm delay: 4s,
  • Siren time out: 4min,
  • Fence wire 1.6mm galv: 8km,
  • Fence wire 2.2mm galv: 40km,
  • Energizer width:21.5cm,
  • Energizer length: 33.5cm,
  • Energizer height: 9.5cm,
  • Energizer weight: 8kg approx


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