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Rapoo 8050T keyboard and mouse set Wireless and Bluetooth

High efficiency, energy saving, and battery life you do Leaper independently developed saving program. Supplemented by low power processing chip. Make the keyboard use 1 AA electromagnetic It can last for 12 months and can last for 9 months with one aa battery Avoid the trouble of replacing the battery frequently
Compact layouts save space The keyboard USES the strong odor key position arrangement and will not commonly use the function key with the combination key form replacement causing the keyboard to occupy the position less to make your desktop cleaner
The commonly used multi-media pattern radium carving process is etched in the F zone. Through the FN+ f1-f12 function combination can quickly switch to Windows Audio and video playback in the system Internet browsing mail and other operations work and entertainment
A durable structure with built-in waterproof conductive film and double protection with a drainage hole can discharge liquid quickly firm folding bracket ergonomic design with different Angle inputs is still comfortable.
The delicate and compact mouse is designed for small hands and travel users The symmetrical design of the left and right-hand fits the curve of the palm The 1300PDI track engine is responsive, smooth, fast, and accurate in positioning without losing frames.


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