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Yuasa 7Ah 12V UPS Battery NP7-12L Sealed Lead Acid Battery

  • Rechargeable maintenance-free sealed lead acid battery YUASA
  • Battery NP7-12 is waterproof
  • Absorbent Glass Mat battery
  • Battery Yuasa NP7-12 can be put in all positions (except upside down)
  • More than 99% gas recombination
  • Safety valves low-pressure tray in ABS UL94 HB (standard)
  • Connection in series or parallel
  • Lead-Tin-calcium plates high yield
  • The long service life of the Yuasa battery
  • Low self-discharge / long-term storage
  • Wide range of temperatures of operating
  • Using the battery NP7-12 on floating or cycling
  • Good recovery after deep discharges


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