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The Huawei B683 is the new UMTS Router Huawei and supports HSPA technology. This makes the B683 is capable of download speeds of up to 28.8 Mbps to achieve an upload of 5.76 Mbps. Of course the router is backwards compatible with 2G, EDGE and GPRS. The B683 supports Huwei so wired and wireless network access and provides data routing service.



OLAX 4G LTE Portable Wifi Hotspot Pocket Mifi

A MiFi hotspot or a mobile hotspot is a portable, pocket-size device that can be used to access the internet on a variety of devices while Travelling

Download speed up to 150Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps.4G Data and HD Voice even on your 2G/3G Smartphones: Enjoy 4G VoLTE Smartphone services on your 2G / 3G Smartphones. Connect & Share:

Recommended to connect up to 10 wi-fi enabled devices (smartphone, Laptops, Tablets, and even Smart TVs).Powerful Battery: Best in class battery (2100mAh) supports 8 – 10 hours.

  • Max. LAN Data Rate: 150Mbps

  • Standards And Protocols:

    Wi-Fi 802.11g, Wi-Fi 802.11b, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • 4G LTE Mobile WIFI

  • Wired Transfer Rate:- 150 Mbps

Keep your internet connection alive with our range of portable hotspots

Your internet connection can be a lifeline to your business, but the worst thing that can happen is when you’re out and about and it dies. You can solve this problem by investing in a portable hotspot or MiFi device that lets you connect to your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi.

Why do you need a portable hot spot?

A portable hotspot is a device that enables you to maintain connections while you are on the go. It allows internet access, so you can share files or chat with coworkers. Some newer devices also allow up to 10 connections which means that if one person’s connection dies, others won’t be affected.

The different types and prices of hotspots

There are many different types of portable hotspots that you can buy. Prices vary as well. For example, the Samsung Connect offers a hotspot for around $200 and another one from Snapchat is even cheaper at less than $100. However, if you want more features or a higher quality connection, expect to pay higher prices.

Portable hotspot benefits

Let’s face it, not everyone is lucky enough to have access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection. This can be an especially frustrating experience when you’re on the go and need internet access for work or other purposes. That’s where our range of portable hotspots come in to save the day. Whether you want 4G or 5G connectivity, we’ve got you covered.

How to choose the best portable wireless hotspot for your needs

Lately, we’re seeing an increased demand for mobile hotspots and data plans. With more and more people relying on their smartphones and tablets, it’s become a necessity to carry a high-speed internet connection with them at all times. But what if there’s no Wi-Fi available? The best option in such cases is to buy a wireless hotspot.

Get the most usage out of your device with these tips

The following six pointers will help you get the most out of your portable hotspot:


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